14 units upper and 12 unit lower bridge

3 units Alpha bio Implant, 20 units PFM upper Bridge, 12 units Lower Bridge

25 unit PFM crowns

Full upper and 4 units lower Zirconium Crowns

13 Alpha Bio implants, full set of upper and lower PFM crowns

Multiple tooth replacements with Alpha Bio implants (canine, molars)

3 Alpha Bio Implants, Front Zirconium Crowns

8 units Upper Zirconium Crowns, Lower PFM Crowns

Fixed bridges on implants and on own teeth combined with precision attachment denture

Aesthetic restauration of the front region with Zirconium crowns

Porcelain fused to metal crown

Upper jaw – 4 Units front Zirconium Bridges, 7 units PFM Crowns, Lower jaw – 5 Alpha Bio Implants, 14 Untis PFM Bridges

4 units PFM Bridge and 8 unit Precision attached Metal Denture for Left and Right side, 12 Unit Lower Bridge

12 Apha Bio implants with 14 units PFM crowns on the upper and lower jaw

12 units Alpha Bio Implant – 10 unit upper and 14 unit lower bridge