Our dentists and implantologists have more than 10 years of experience in treating foreign patients. They are continuously refreshing and improving their professional skills by participating in national and international courses and workshops.

With our special deal you can save 50-70% compared to the costs of British Dentists, although this highly depends on the treatments you require.

Our cosmetic dentistry is a long established surgery not an agency, that is owned by our dentists. We are happy to offer you a unique and bespoke service because we know that every patient has different requirements - the essence of modern dental tourism: combined treatment in London and in Hungary at the best possible price, quality and maximising your spare time. Complimented with accommodation at our very own hotel in Hungary. Our own in-house CT-scan which many other dental clinics don't offer. Our highly skilled laboratory team is among Europe’s top experts in their fields and we pride ourselves on our outstanding services.

Our Patients can now opt for combined treatment in both London and Hungary according to their preference and convenience. We offer you consultations and aftercare in London, and dental treatment in Hungary.

Hotel Dent offers a full range of dental care services for both implant & cosmetic dentistry. We also have a range of health, beauty and wellness treatments in our spa facilities.

Dental treatment abroad is a highly competitive industry and so clinics have to ensure that they are offering the very best in order to attract international patients. Our Staff are trained to the highest standards of European quality levels.

Decide when you would like to travel to Budapest and contact us. We can help do the rest! Hotel Dent Customer Service is pleased to help you book your flights and accommodation. Before your departure we will send you written confirmation of your appointment bookings, travel arrangements and accommodation

Our goal is, as always, to involve the minimum travel with maximum results, for the lowest price possible available to you! The time you will need to spend with us in Hungary is completely dependant on the treatments you are undergoing, however we always aim to be as efficient as possible with your time. We also help you to maximise any free time you have here with a range of leisure activities and other health and wellness treatments.

Of course, the main goal of dental tourism is taking care of dental problems and visiting Hungary is really a smart thing to do. There's plenty going on here with so much to see and do. Make the most of your stay with us: There are a lot of places that are worth a visit: for it's culture, shopping, entertainment (good pubs and music), relaxation etc. You are welcome to ask our organizer for any help you may require or any additional information.

Hotel Dent offers You guarantee for all dental treatments and after care policy. After your treatment in Hungary we offer you a unique aftercare in London with the same dentists who provided you dental care in Hungary.

Tooth decay can be a slow and silent process. Some people get the classic signs of a toothache while others don't feel anything at all. However the destructive process is the same in both cases as is the need for treatment.

Advances in dentistry over the years have lead to the low radiation levels so the dose of radiation you are exposed to during the taking of digital X-rays is extremely small. This is because new digital X-ray machines limit the radiation beam to the small area being X-rayed, higher speed X-ray films that require shorter exposure time compared with older film speeds to get the same results.

If one or two teeth are missing, with placing dental implants filing down of the neighbouring teeth can be avoided. If teeth are missing at the back, with traditional treatment only removable prosthetic denture can be done. We can prepare fixed dental bridges with planning artificial root to contribute to our patients healthy lifestyle. With dental implants we may increase significantly your comfort and chewing function.

Our dentists offer medication to put you in a very relaxed state whilst having surgery carried out. Before the local anaethetic used we also use a gel that will prevent you from feeling anything but a little discomfort at the beginning.

No. If there is enough room they will usually come through into a useful position and cause no more problems than any other tooth. Often there will be some slight discomfort as they come through, but this is only temporary and will disappear once the tooth is fully in position