Free Consultation & Aftercare in London
Professional Treatments in Hungary
Extremely Competitive Prices

Our philosophy combines quality with a first class yet affordable service – the way any of us would like to be treated. We are a patient orientated, small-scale, family owned dentistry, who has been serving patients for more than 20 years. Over 5 years in the UK We constantly try to envisage our patient’s experience and make improvements whenever and wherever we can. 

Hotel Dent offers Free Consultation in London and premium dental treatments in Hungary at significantly cheaper prices than the UK average, and possibly the best prices in Hungary
With aftercare and warranty treatments conveniently, and safely in London , HotelDent is the right choice for those, who wants the best value service for their money. 

The procedures and the qualifications are in accordance with the European standards and the results will match or exceed the quality of treatments available in the UK.

We have two clinics, one in London and one

london-receptionThe London Clinic we’re in partnership with welcomes you with bright and spacious waiting area, has 2 operating rooms and it is equipped with a digital X-ray and CT – granting you a fast and precise diagnosis and treatment plan. Besides the consultations we also carry out a wide range of treatments in London, and offer convenient aftercare for our patients treated abroad.

Our Hungarian Dental Clinic is based in Miskolc – 1,5 hour away from Budapest Airport and is the main centre of our dental treatments. Miskolc is major city in North East Hungary surrounded by mountains, that host several springs, hot spas, and spectacular limestone caves. Our team of experts will be at hand to help you through your dental treatments and work hard to ensure your stay feels like a holiday too. Once your stay with us in Hungary ends, you can conveniently visit our London Dental Clinic for specialist dental aftercare and treatments.

Competitive and Warranties

You may have been wondering, how can it be so much cheaper without compromising on quality?
It is, in fact, business overheads that largely determine the cost of treatments. Renting or buying business premises in Hungary is not any near as expensive as in London, for example. Expenses on utilities, salaries and maintenance are all significantly less as well. 

These savings quickly add up and mean a dentist can offer their services at a comparatively lower price. However, in this very aspiring industry, the potentially larger profit margins, allows us to invest more in our staff, equipment and facilities to improve the experience of our patients, and keep up with our competitors and technological advancements. 

Our warranty policy is fair and clear, including lifetime warranty on Alpha Bio implants, and annual check-up for £100, including a dental hygiene treatment, and an X-ray. Please find the warranties and conditions for the treatments we offer, here.

100s of Along The Way

We have successfully treated hundreds of patients in London and Hungary, restored the healthy and whole life of our patients. Our specialist team is constantly on the lookout, to find ways we could improve our services, to make your time with us as pleasurable as possible. We are proud to share a few testimonials, and open to new ideas.

Customer Service

Every step of the way our team will be on hand to look after you and ensure smooth travel and services wherever possible. If you are travelling to us, we will arrange the flights and accommodation that work best for you well in advance of your treatment.

We will provide you with all the relevant information for your treatment and urge you to ask our team as many questions as you need to.

We are professionals

GDC-logoOur mission is to provide a personalized treatment in a relaxed and familiar environment at the Golders Green clinic. Primarily the London Clinic is there to deliver pain-free diagnosis of patients’ issues. We will provide you with a fully detailed treatment plan, with prices based on a quick check up on the X-ray.
We take pride in having the friendliest, experienced premium after care services, to ensure the quality and comfort for all of our patients.
You’ll be benefit from our Free Consultation, which includes screening for gum disease, tooth disease and if required your jaw joint function.
Our dentist in London is a member of GDC.